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Healthcare Advocacy and Consulting Services
Committed to Compliance. Committed to You.

Kennedy Neghan HealthCare Resources, LLC is a true partner that takes the time to understand your unique advocacy, auditing, coding, compliance, and revenue cycle challenges by delivering reviews, recommendations, action plans, solutions and support. 
Our team has over 30 years of healthcare industry experience and knowledge. We offer services to the following:
  • Billing companies
  • Consumers of healthcare services (patients)
  • Dental providers
  • Hospitals
  • Independent laboratories
  • Lawyers
  • Physicians
  • Radiology centers

Our Services

Our patient advocacy services help protect, support, and promote the rights, interests, and needs of a patient or a group of patients and their families. We assist the patient with financial, legal, or social issues related to their health care.  

We also empower our healthcare providers and organizations to meet their regulatory requirements by providing specialized services. We have worked with a broad range of provider specialties and healthcare organizations to develop, implement, manage, and improve their compliance programs by providing auditing & monitoring, policies and procedures, education and training, and revenue cycle assessments.

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